a mask tells us more than a face

Renowned artist and mask-maker Saidul Haque Juise offers his views on the mask-making tradition. In his interview with Jafrin Gulshan, he sheds light on the state of the mask-making craft and its position in today’s global culture.

putul story : history of doll making in bangladesh

Doll making is one of the most enduring craft traditions in the Indian Subcontinent. Its past is steeped in mythology and mysticism but its present is plagued by market forces and globalization. Shawon Akand explores the rich history of this unique and underappreciated art form, by examining four popular doll making mediums – clay, wood, metal and shola – and their unique ties to our land and culture.

crafts in the age of mechanical (re)production

A handmade craft object is closely associated with its maker and its culture. But in an age of mass-produced consumer goods, handicrafts have lost their authenticity and individuality. Syed Manzoorul Islam discusses the implications of the movement that is taking crafts away from humble artisans to factories and retail outlets.

weaving the breath of the universe

A craftsman forms a vision of his art using his life experiences and gives this vision form using the bounty of the land. Shafiqul Kabir Chandan, a renowned Bangladeshi artist living in Italy, weaves the lives he has led and the places he has loved together to create his unique crafts-based art.